What to expect at Pro SUP Shop

What to expect at Pro SUP Shop


If you've booked your Stand Up Paddleboard Lesson or Rental online, which is always a great idea, especially in the summertime... Please be sure to bring your receipt with you [either on paper or on your mobile device] this is especially important if you've made your reservation within 24 hours of your reservation time.  If you have an offsite voucher, please make sure to bring the voucher information also.

Once your order is placed we will place you on our Schedule. Please double check the date and time you select. If you find that you've placed an order for the wrong tate or time, please contact us so we can place you on the schedule for the correct date and time.

If it's your first time paddling with us, Please watch the quick video below

What to expect for your Lesson with Pro SUP Shop

Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Your instructor will provide you with a Stand Up Paddle Board, Paddle, Personal Floatation Device & light if applicable, Rental equipment is included in your lesson fee.

Your instructor will then teach you the basics of how to hold your paddle as well as the basic paddle strokes while on land.

From there we will proceed into the water and learn balance techniques and practical turning techniques.

What to wear:
Please dress appropriately based on the weather, if it is a little chilly, you may want to wear yoga pants, a light wind breaker and booties. Wetsuits are really only needed in the winter.

Please be advised you may get wet.  We try to keep you out of the water and on the board.  We're not swimming, we're paddling!  That said, occasionally people do fall, so please be sure to bring an extra change of clothes, just in case, and do be advised you will need to wade into the water to about your mid-calf-to-knee-height, so make sure you apparel is suitable.

Always remember to be safe and have fun!

PARKING: Parking is available at the Jamaica Bay Inn. Parking fee is $7.00

   Pro SUP Shop is located IN THE TRAILERS ON the SoUthwest end
of the Jamaica Bay Inn Parking lot
4175 Admiralty Wy, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292