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What People Are Saying about Pro SUP Shop

Kristen Murphy Stone
Thanks guys for an amazing first time paddle! Emily your lesson rocked! Hope to back out next time I'm in town!

Tom Lepp
Had 3 great SUP outings with ProSUP. Great instructors / great value if you need water time while in LA. Year round fun!

Elyse Elkins
As a first time stand up paddle boarder, ProSUPShop was a wonderful experience! Despite the rainy day, ProSUPShop made sure my experience was fantastic. The lesson was incredibly well planned and delivered. After my first lesson, I am officially addicted to SUP!

Karim M. Nepean, ON Canada
These guys have 5 star reviews from everyone for a reason!
Whether you just want to get your feet wet, conquer big ocean waves, or make some new friends and join a community of fun and active folks who venture out on paddling adventures, you're bound to find whatever you're looking for here.
Highly recommended!

Laura M. Los Angeles, CA
This review is just for the customer service I've received before even getting out for a lesson!
I needed to purchase a GC and Coral was SUPER helpful in getting the certificate made, changing payment methods, making changes to the certificate, etc. - she was responsive and patient and made it very easy for me to gift an SUP lesson!
Based on all the reviews here, I'll be buying my own lessons in addition to the ones I just gifted! Thanks Coral!

Diane G., Marina del Rey, CA
I took my first lesson last year and am now hooked on the sport!
This family owned business is dedicated to teaching anyone how to stand up on a board and paddle. They welcome you as if you are a family member. They now has me racing and heading out to Malibu for group excursions. The morning SUP Bootcamp sounds like a great way to mix up the weekly workout routine so I'm going for it tomorrow morning!!! Thank you Mike Vaughan Senior and Jr. for starting this business. It has changed my life is a positive, healthy way!!

Tracy R. Los Angeles, CA
I took my first lesson last week and could not be more impressed by the instructors and the lessons offered by Pro Sup Shop. I was really nervous to try stand up paddle boarding because I had never done it before, and I am not very athletic, but I received a terrific lesson and the instructors were very friendly, knowledgeable,non-judgmental, and super patient. Most importantly, I felt totally safe taking a lesson with this group and it was a blast. When I fell behind the group, the instructor stayed with me and encouraged me to continue,and taught me helpful skills, With Their help, I persevered, and I was finally able to catch up with the group. A bonus to the terrific work out is the beautiful scenery. Can't wait to do it again!!!

Ryan S. Los Angeles, CA
These guys were awesome. I booked my SUP rental very last minute online, jetted over to marina, picked up my board and was in the water within minutes! They were friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help in any way they could!
I highly recommend them!

Lisa S. Los Angeles, CA
I just bought my first SUP from Pro Sup Shop. I had no clue of what to look for in a board. Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. are awesome! They showed me every option available and let me demo multiple boards multiple times. Their staff is extremely friendly and knowledgable. Whether you are looking to rent, buy or take lessons this is the place to go if you want superior service. I can't wait to take advantage of the programs and classes they offer. They are definitely one of Marina del Rey's best stops. If you haven't gone yet GO! You won't regret it.

Coleman Metts
Thanks for teaching me how to SUP.

Sylvia Mahoney
What more can I say other than it was amazing! Thank you so much for my lesson today. They were great and got me my past my ocean phobia and actually having fun. TRUST ME that was HUGE! Mark had a blast too. I'll be back soon.

 Sam A. Los Angeles, CA
I almost never leave a yelp review unless a business really deserves it, and this is one of those instances.  I had my first SUP lesson on Sunday 7/15/2012 with instructor Emily and from the moment I arrived to the end of my lesson I was greeted at the sign in sheet with professionalism and friendliness.  First they still allowed me to use my group-on coupon although it had already expired a few weeks ago.  Emily made sure I had a board that suited my height and paid special attention to the paddle length as I told her I was overcoming a recent shoulder injury.  Emilie's instructions were easy to follow and very detailed.  The day ended without me falling in once and having a few bloody mary's with the owner Mike and fellow SUP enthusiasts.  I look forward to returning and participating in the Wed night race.  I'll probably take last but look forward to having some fun.  Thanks for the great experience.

Stephanie A.
Thank you so much for an incredible Sunday!! The staff at YAS DTLA had a blast!!!

Bev C.
Had a great time paddleboarding and watching the fireworks! Thank you guys!

Karen F.
What an amazing July 4th!!! Thank you all at Prosup for such a great event! Looking forward to more fun paddling adventures!.

Elizabeth R. Los Angeles, CA
The folks at Pro SUP Shop are fantastic! They more than accommodated my group of 20 (mostly) beginners. Can't wait to go again!.

Dave P. Santa Monica, CA
Had some family visiting, so the 5 of us tried out SUP on Saturday.  We all had a blast and couldn't have asked for a better first time experience!! The instructor was very helpful and patient with us all. It was a group lesson but also spent time 1 on 1 with to improve all our technique within the lesson.  After the lesson we did an additional hour for just rentals to paddle around the marina.  All in all for two hours it was only $75 a person!!  I have already been telling friends they need to try SUP out.

Sua S. Culver City, CA
Great with big groups - for beginners or those with a little more experience. They've got a great set up, stress free and at a beautiful spot.

Jim H
Thank you Prosupshop, Mike & Mike Sr.! Today was an extraordinary day - an extraordinary experience! See you again soon

Tiffany G
Thank you Prosupshop. I have been out twice with girlfriends for a morning paddle. We all loved it!

icacosgrrl C. Santa Monica, CA
My boyfriend and I went on the Wed. moonlight outing, and it was great fun! They have many many styles of boards, and as it was our first time we got the massive stable ones, which I was happy with. It was a mix of advanced people and beginners, and they gave us a quick lesson before going out. They gave me some really helpful hints after I got my balance. They are great teachers! The marina is beautiful. I will go again. Every Angelino should try it at least once. It's another side of the city out there.

Kyle K.
It's been an amazing week with the entire ProSUP family, new friends, birthday fun and some insane racing. So grateful to be a part of it all. Let's keep it rollin' guys. Gonna be an awesome summer. Don't miss out!

Amy H. Dallas, TX
They are awesome instructors!  My husband and I decided to try SUP (I had tried it unsuccessfully once before in Boulder) while we were at Marina del Rey for vacation.  The process was easy and they were patient and gave us the instruction we needed to get out there and paddle.  My husband is a big guy and when we found that the regular boards were not staying afloat, they brought out a larger board to accommodate his size.  What a difference!  Very responsive staff!  This was a highlight of our vacation and it has inspired us to do more SUP whenever we next get the opportunity.  Try them--you won't be disappointed!

Kelly S. New York, NY
They accomodated me on short notice for a weekday lesson.  We had a great time on the bay seeing seals, pelicans, and we paddled over 4 miles.  This was my first time doing SUP.  I am an OK snowboarder and swimmer and it was easy to pick up.  We did some easy paddling and also some more challenging intervals and sprints.  It was a great workout.  This is the new watersport for me and I can't wait to go on my honeymoon soon.  I feel that anyone can do this activity and tailor it to their level.  A great instructor helps.  Highly recommended!

Kirstin W.
Such a quality group of people!!   They really know their craft and helped me get going with ease.  There is a night paddle they host in the Marina every Wednesday at 7.  I highly recommend going, the Marina at night is insanely gorgeous..... and you get glow stick necklaces.   I'll be back fo sho!  Thanks guys!

Robert N.
Mike and Julie were great instructors for our first time out as a family---my wife, sister-in-law, 10 year old son, 6 year old daughter and me. We had a blast, saw lots of seals and felt confident to do it again. Thanks!

Daniel C.
Met Mike Jr. and Mike Sr. tonight, both first class guys...had only been SUP once prior to and they were great in helping my daughter and I out... they went above and beyond! If you are considering giving SUP a shot look no further than Prosupshop you would be hard pressed to find a better company in So. Cal.

Gregory S.
You guys Rock! They totally helped rescue a few of my paddlers on a very windy day in the marina! I am very grateful! And inspired by your expertise and knowledge! I hope to be able to ride with you in the near future! These guys definitely know whats up! STOKED!!

Ryan P. Pacific Palisades, CA
This is the real deal for learning to SUP.
They took out a group of about 10 of us from a beach that was really calm and then led us along a beautiful area of Malibu near Paradise Cove. Everyone had a great time and the teacher to student ratio was perfect for individual attention while allowing more advanced students to go in a faster group.
Then we all went out for food and beer. Perfect Sunday! Thanks, Mike!

Daniel K. Santa Monica, CA
Thanks to Mike and the team at Pro Sup Shop for getting my 12yr old son & I up and Paddling in no time.
We were set up with all we needed and now are enjoying fun times on the water together regularly.

Juli S. Venice, CA
These guys are amazing, had the best time paddling. I suggest this to anyone looking for something amazing to do in LA. They also paddle at night in the marina, every wed night!

Sharon O. Sherman Oaks, CA
If your are semi athletic Person you will love this. If you enjoy the water you will love this. If you enjoy being on the water, You will love SUP. Mike,and Mike Sr  gave me a brief lesson on how to handle the board and I was doing it. Great guys thank you very much. I will send guys your way Promise.

Shana P., Santa Monica, CA
I love stand up paddle boarding!  I've done it two times now, and I'm completely hooked.   I was a little nervous to try it for the first time since I had never really participated in any water sports before.  But I was amazed at how easy it large part due to the fantastic teachers at Pro SUP Shop!  Not only was Mike very professional and accommodating...but they are all around great guys.   The first time I took a lesson during the day, and the second time I went out with the group for a night paddle (both awesome, yet totally different experiences!)   I highly recommend checking out Pro SUP Shop!

Andrew H., Santa Monica, CA
Thoughtful tuition and they make it fun - definitely recommend!

Jordan B., Northridge, CA
Went out with these guys on Saturday - WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE.  They've got the greatest boards and are so professional - not to mention, a lot of fun!  I would highly recommend Pro SUP Shop to anyone and everyone!

Manuel L., Santa Monica, CA
Mike and the team at Pro Sup Shop are great!  I am new to the sport and they showed me the ropes, outfitted me with everything I needed and gave me a couple of great intro lessons to get me ready for my first SUP relay in Santa Monica.  If you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, I recommend you give these guys a call!

Danielle R. Los Angeles, CA
Mike is a great teacher. I've been doing SUP lessons with them for about a month now, and I get better every time! They've helped me improve so much. I have never even fallen in the water! They are wonderful guys who really love the sport and love helping everyone learn and develop a passion for SUP. If you want a good work out, some sunshine at the beach and a fun day with great people, paddling with Pro SUP Shop is the way to go!

Angelique D. Santa Monica, CA
ProSUP has perfect instructors! Taught me the basics and safety so I could get up quickly and then followed up with tips to better my technique. Knows his stuff and gave me a fun new hobby:) I highly recommend Them for will love them and be SO glad you went!

Mikke P. Malibu, CA
Mike is a great guy and a true pro.  I recommend the shop 100%!  Great addition to the neighborhood!  Great job guys!

Steve S. Los Angeles, CA
They set me up and showed me the way:-)
I met them in the Marina to pick up my new board and they hooked me up with lessons and now I'm on my way.
I'm going to Hawaii this summer and I wanted to be proficient on a SUP and I think I'm gong to be just fine:-)

Nancy H. Los Angeles, CA
I highly reccommend Pro SUP shop!   Mike has been incredibly nice and very professional.  They gave me a detailed lesson on land and water and I was up and paddling in no time at all.   Had my second paddle at Mother's Beach in Marina Del Rey this morning with my little kid on the front of the board... Then they let my kid go out alone!   Mike came out on the water to provide back-up.  We had tons of fun!!!

Karen I. Marina Del Rey, CA
Had such an amazing night paddle with Mike and a group. They are so professional and fun. They really watch out for everyone so you feel very safe while having a blast. They are very experienced and patient which makes them great teachers. You must come by and see them and try it.

Karen H. Los Angeles, CA
The team at Pro SUP Shop is first class: My first stand up paddling experience was with this company this past weekend and I enjoyed every minute. I benefitted well from their expertise in the sport and clear demonstration to understand the proper technique to the point I applied it and enjoyed seeing the water from a great perspective - seeing more sea life and moving through the water at a higher level than I would swimming or in a small boat.

Tom A. Los Angeles,CA
These guys are awesome.  I have now been SUP for just under 2 1/2 hours and I absolutely love it.  Mike is a fantastic instructor.  I had zero experience and these guy had me up and paddling within 3 minutes of being in the water (no joke).  After a little bit on the beginner board they let me to try some other type of boards they have.
I would highly recommend Pro SUP Shop to anyone!

Ellen Shapiro, Santa Monica, CA
I had the most amazing experience with Pro SUP Shop down in the Marina. Mike  Vaughn gave my kids a paddle board lesson and they had a blast! They saw tiger sharks in the water and Mike videotaped the experience for them. What a fun, healthy and exciting time! By far, the best experience we have had on the beach! 

Brad S. Santa Monica, CA
These guys were great.  This was my first time trying out paddle boarding and by the end of my first lesson I was surprised at how comfortable I was on the board.  My instructor really took the time to show me the basics and get me up and going... now I just have to figure out where I have room to store a board... :)

ZJB Santa Monica, CA
some of the nicest guys in the water who know what they are doing.  Super friendly with all ages and skill levels and you really feel taken care of with all the new equipment, patience and one on one interaction! 
You too can graduate from the University of ProSUP!

Robert Puro
I had tried SUP before and hadn't really enjoyed it very much. They convinced me to give it another try and take a lesson with him. He put me on a top quality board, showed me the proper technique, and that's how I got my new favorite hobby, SUP!

Amanda Riggin
Having just moved out here from the east coast I was really excited to get out and try stand up paddleboarding. I chose to go with Mike and his company and I am happy I did. He did a great job with everything from helping us pick out our boards to making us feel comfortable on the water. I am now addicted and can't wait to go out again!

Cheryl K. Pacific Palisades, CA
We wanted to try Stand up paddle board and the guys at Pro SUP are great! I brought someone with me who was so nervous and scared and they treated her with kid gloves and now she loves it too! This will be my new sport and I am getting my pals to come too. I highly recommend this very caring, safety conscience team.

Angelique Dolan
I had always wanted to try paddle surfing and was thrilled for the opportunity to have lessons with SUP.  They did an amazing job instructing me on my first outting on a paddle board.  He eased me onto the board at a comfortable pace and had me standing and paddling down the Marina in no time.  He ensured I had the right technique to quickly excel at this fun sport. Now, I am addicted! :)

Danielle Rouillard
My experience with ProSUP was amazing! I had never stand up paddled before, and I was a little nervous at first. Mike, my teacher, gave great stress-free directions that really helped me understand what to do. Thanks to Mike’s tips, I never even came close to falling in the water! I even felt comfortable enough to try different types of boards at my first lesson.
I’d recommend SUP to anyone looking for a full body workout while still getting to relax at the beach. It was a completely different experience from surfing and wakeboarding; mellow but still works every muscle in your body! Thanks to ProSUP, I’ve found a new sport I love and a great beach workout! I will definitely be back for more!

   Pro SUP Shop is located IN THE TRAILERS ON the SoUthwest end
of the Jamaica Bay Inn Parking lot
4175 Admiralty Wy, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292