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Sarah_Tiefenthaler_prosupshop_team_rider_instructor_SUP_yoga  RIDER PROFILE

Name: Sarah Tiefenthaler
Age: 29
Hometown: Early, Iowa
Years of SUP: 1
Riding style: Warrior 2 ;o)
Regular Foot , Goofy or Switch? Goofy
Where is your favorite break? Savasana
Claim to Fame: YOGAqua
Person you'd most like to be on the water with: A dolphin friend.
Best sunset you ever witnessed: SUP Yoga sesh in Coranado. The sky and water was all pink and orange as far as your eye could see and dolphins swam by twice to say hello.. It was truly a dream..
Guilty pleasure: Watching chick flicks while eating dates with peanut butter.
Catchiest song in your playlist: "Sweet Love" by Fortunate Youth
Food in your belly right now: Wasabi almonds.
If you're not SUPing, you are: Yoga-ing.

Check out Sarah on CBS's "The Doctors" here.

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